School Solution Learning App

Cogna School Solution


Features which enables school management and teachers to achieve better learning outcomes

Learning app

Best combination of technology, engaging video lessons, personalized learning journeys, and adaptive assessments.


Teachers can create unlimited personalized learning assignments and assessments for whole class or for a group of students.

Unlimited assessments

Teachers can create unlimited assessments from Cogna's question bank or they can use their own questions to create assessments.

Study material

Schools can maintain their lesson wise study materials in a centralized fashion, and students from the Cogna learning app can access those.

Content collection

Teachers can digitize their notes, worksheets, study material, lesson plans, links to open educational resources (OERs) and organize these resources into collections.

Video library

Teachers can refer to Cogna video library which contains prerequiste and lesson videos.

Class-wise knowledge reports

Insightful and in-depth knowledge reports at class level will help teachers to understand the learning needs of the students. Teachers can plan better their lesson delivery in class.

Up-trending & down-trending performers

Real time trends help teachers to pay attention towards down-trending performers and at the same time recognise and appreciate students who are up-trending.


Teachers can feed and manage various summative test results with ease and check whenever required. Students can view their grade book in the learning app.

Student profile

Student profile will have the complete learning progress information such as Assignments, Assessment results, Knowledge levels, Learning journeys and Gradebook.

Lesson schedule & Lesson progress

Teachers can plan and schedule their lesson delivery and update the lesson progress so that the school management can monitor and track the progress.

Diary notes

Teachers can notify students about class work, home work and any other general instructions.

School calendar

School management can create calendar events for students.


School management can maintain effective communication with parents and students.